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Being a skipper on MARLIN means having a lot of responsibility and love for the sea. Guests are lovingly introduced to the qualities of this enormous ship. Back Stage we always know a solution with on-board means for everything. Decades of experience lead to immediate safety, which is the most important thing for us when exercising our passion. We kiss the MARLIN when we take it over. Our instrument to success since 2015 with over 50 groups and more than 50,000 miles of enthusiastic guests, is the detailed maintenance and attention for the detail. We are there for you from the moment you board the ship. With us you are queen and king. We are there for you. Sometimes we even conjure a little bit for you.

Skipper Michael Wnuk

Born in 1963. RYA Yachtmaster >100.000 miles, Round the World 2000-2017 and Cape Horn Sailor 2009-2014. Sailing Book Author, Specialist in Marine Electronics. Owner of MARLIN since 2014

Skipper Jan Hupasch

Born in 1993. Sailing experience: 10 years; >20.000 miles. Territory experience: North Sea, Baltic Sea, English Channel, Biscay, Canary Islands, Madeira, Azores, Norwegian coast, Caribbean. Occupation: Skipper and Mechanical Engineer

MARLIN Expeditions

Michael Wnuk
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Phone: +49 461 40 787 684