Antilles South to North

Make the most out of your time and start with us in your sporty caribbean adventure!

From south to north through the Lesser Antilles

€ 1,780.00
€ 1,495.00

Only 5 seats Available!

This trip starts on the southernmost island of the small Antilles Grenada and leads over the beautiful Grenadines further north. On the way to Antigua all options are open to us, because each island we pass has its own charm and invites to street parties with steel bands and typical Caribbean rum punch. Whether and how much time we spend on St. Vincent, St. Lucia, the French islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe or the unspoilt, enchanted island of Dominica, is up to us.

With the 60ft Marlin we have a perfectly equipped sailing vessel for this area so we are equipped with snorkeling equipment and stand-up paddling board perfect for the uninhabited Tobago Cays, which are waiting for us with turtles, coral reefs, beaches and palm trees.

The trip is planned a little firmer with 400sm than the other Caribbean cruises and will therefore be a little sportier. On the other side you get the whole variety of small Antilles offered and you can pick out the cream pieces.

A grade of six people share a 60 foot ship. That’s 10 feet per person. So much for the topic of luxury. Where else 10 people squeeze, we have three spacious cabins with six bunks. The ship is fast up to 230 miles a day, the crew learns – safer you can not sail. A big dinghy and a watermaker give us independence at the anchorage. MARLIN has the BG Ship Safety Certificate for worldwide voyage.


You will be on board for 12 days and will bring you 400 nautical miles behind you.

  • 27.04.19 Check-in on board Grenada and first meeting
  • 28.04.19 Safety briefing, getting to know the ship, providing food
  • 29.04.19 Conquest of the Grenadines
  • 30.04.19 Diving with sea turtles in the Tobago Cays
  • 1-08.05.19 Island hopping (St. Vincent / St. Lucia / Martinique / Dominica / Guadeloupe)
  • 08.05.19 Arrival Antigua
€ 1,780.00
€ 1,495.00

Only 5 seats Available!

Safety 1st

What is really important Sailing aboard SY MARLIN is not like sailing on other ships. The price of a trip should not be the main criterion when choosing the right boat. For us, the safety of our sailors is the highest law on board. Accordingly, we have equipped the MARLIN. Those who save on safety equipment are not at odds with their fellow sailors. Our ship has been approved by the Berufsgenossenschaft See and has the coveted Class A Ship Safety Certificate for worldwide travel. Not many boats meet the same high safety quality...

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