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Kite & Sail Expedition Los Roques 2019

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Only 3 seats Available!

MARLIN Kite & Sail Expedition Los Roques 2019

LUXURY is written in capitals during this expedition. We want you to feel good and happy all around. The comfortable MARLIN therefore belongs exclusively to our four guests, who receive all our attention and care during the entire expedition. You can sail actively, but this is not a prerequisite. Besides sailing with the MARLIN, life on and under water is on the agenda. Stand up paddle board, kitesurfing, snorkeling, fishing, wakeboarding, diving. But also country and people and above all the culinary highlights of the Caribbean Antilles are the pearls of this unique offer.

You will take part in spring 2019. With the comfortable 18-meter expedition sailing yacht MARLIN and the experienced professional circumnavigator and book author Michael Wnuk you sail to the most attractive kite spots in the Caribbean. From Martinique you can sail directly to Bequia and Union Island in a few tacks. There the famous sundowner rum punch awaits you on Happy Island. To get you in the mood, you will start kiteboarding directly in front of the MARLIN, in a stable 15-25 knots trade wind, at one of the most beautiful kite spots in the southern Caribbean the next day. The water is pleasantly 28° Celsius warm. Arrived?

Happy Island at Union Island, Grenadinen
Tobago Key, Grenadinen

The sun climbs for you also in the sky on the following day, we start sailing directly and head for the Tobago Keys. Here you snorkel with turtles, and, in the evening, we have our first spiny lobsters on the beach, served straight from the grill. The Tobago Keys and Mayreau’s kite beach belong to the most fantastic kite spots, the Grenadines can offer. In good weather we sail to Mopion Island. The sandbank is just big enough to launch a kite, an unforgettable experience.

Safety is the top priority aboard the MARLIN. This also applies to kitesurfing. Basically we assume that you bring your own kiteboarding equipment and you can kite up the wind enough. You should be familiar with the usual safety practices. You practice the kite sport on your own responsibility.

  • Guided kitesurfing: We show you the spots and advise you. We know the wind conditions, reefs and currents.
  • While offshore kiting, you always get a personal AIS emergency transmitter, which you can activate in the unlikely event of an accident.
  • At offshore spots our dinghy with large outboard engine is always ready for use in case of an emergency.
Fregatte Island, Grenadienen

Now it is slowly but surely time to pack the kites dryly and get ready for a few days of sailing. On the east side of Grenada, we quickly sail south and spend the night in Le Phare Bleu. Even if Skipper Michael is an excellent cook, the starry restaurant of the Swiss owners Jana and Dieter is still worth an exceptional visit. We use our stay in Grenada to either stock up here, in Prickley Bay or St. Georges, because we won’t get anything up to Bonaire except fresh fish and lobster.

We soon say goodbye to Grenada, and sail into the night to reach the 170 miles to the first possible stop, the island of Blanquilla, by daylight. The island is secured by a few friendly Venezuelan military officials. A lonely beach invites to stay, but our destination are the many islands of the Roques. Just another 120 miles and the anchor falls in front of Gran Roque.

Catch of the day on the way to Los Roques

On the Roques you are used to kite only with us. The fact that we meet other kitesurfers, is rather the exception. But there, a very special pearl is waiting for us: almost forbidden. On the small island, Aves de Barlovento, there is a lonely anchorage with an absolute insider tip kite spot. The trade wind can blow unhindered and without turbulences over the reef. If skipper Michael drives to this place, whether we spend the night, depends on his estimation and above all on the weather.

Further in the direction of the wind, the Dutch island Bonaire with its white sandy beaches and its ex-colonial flair awaits us. We enjoy the goings-on at the kite spot, put our heads under water sometimes, and stay in one of the many restaurants that Bonaire offers.

On the way to the end of our expedition, there is another must-do kite spot. The lee shore’s beach of Little Curacao is free of waves and the small island is flat and uninhabited. Apart from a few ruins and picturesque wrecks, there is nothing here that could swirl the trade wind and the kiteboarding conditions on the west side are simply ingenious and incomparable. We spend the night here, before the natural port Spanish Waters on Curacao awaits us, where the anchor falls in the slipstream of Table Mountain. At the finish of our adventure, the island welcomes us with a visit in the art studio of the Berlin Serena, who has settled on the island to craft her Chichis, right next to Nick’s kite spot in the middle of St Joris Bay, one of the few spots in Curacao.

For some of our guests, it is time to say goodbye to MARLIN and skipper Micha, who won’t insist on taking you personally to the airport. For those, who still haven’t had enough adventure and expedition, Colombia is on the schedule, where St. Marta and Barranchilla are expecting us during the upcoming journey.

An expedition with the MARLIN is adventure in perfection. From the first day on you will be coddled and accompanied by us. We offer an all-inclusive package and do not work with hidden costs. What seems expensive at first glance is your complete feel-good package…

We have to fill in some papers at the authorities, a parking fee is due and we are allowed already to stay two weeks and can kite as much and as long as we want. Here is a little appetizer of what you can expect. The kite spot is called Saki-Saki. The video is made from Nuria Goma, friend of MARLIN. “I would never get tired of this place. Definitely Los Roques just got into my top 3 list of favourite kite spots in the world!”, says Nuria. Nuria Goma can be booked as a kite trainer if you are interested.

We fully enjoy the time on the islands of the turquoise archipelago, and, when the sun goes down, we sit on the beach and grill on the open fire what the fishermen bring to us.


You will be on board for 12 days and will bring you 200 nautical miles behind you.

  • 18.06.19 Check-in on board Martinique. First Dinner on Board.
  • 19.06.19 Safety briefing, getting to know the ship
  • your wish St. Lucia
  • your wish St. Vinvent
  • your wish St. Bequia
  • your wish Myreau (Kite Spot)
  • your wish Tobago Keys (Kite Spot)
  • your wish Union Island (Kite Spot)
  • your wish Morpion (Kite Spot)
  • your wish Carriacou (Lime & Living Spot)
  • 15.05.19 Grenada, Marina Le Phare Bleu (Kite Spot offshore)
  • 16.05.19 Grenada Prickley Bay
  • 17.05.19 Grenada St. Georges 08.05.19 Arrival Grenada


You will be on board for 19 days and will bring you 500 nautical miles behind you.

  • 01.06.19 Check-in on board Martinique. Dinner on Board
  • 02.06.19 Safety briefing, getting to know the ship
  • your wish Blanchilla (Kite Spot)
  • your wish Los Roques (Kite Paradiese)
  • your wish Las Arves (Kite unknown Paradiese)
  • your wish Bonire (Top Kite Spot)
  • your wish Little Curacao (Sleepeing Beauty Kite Spot)
  • 19.06.19 Arrival Curacao
starts with
1995.00 €

Only 3 seats Available!

Safety 1st

What is really important Sailing aboard SY MARLIN is not like sailing on other ships. The price of a trip should not be the main criterion when choosing the right boat. For us, the safety of our sailors is the highest law on board. Accordingly, we have equipped the MARLIN. Those who save on safety equipment are not at odds with their fellow sailors. Our ship has been approved by the Berufsgenossenschaft See and has the coveted Class A Ship Safety Certificate for worldwide travel. Not many boats meet the same high safety quality...

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