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Unlimited Water Fun Activities & Sailing Adventures Active, sportive sailing event with visits to islands that are not normally open to visitors

Sail with Nike Steiger on MARLIN against the wind into paradise

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Only 4 seats Available!

We can hardly offer a better sailing trip. You sail with Nike Steiger & Michael Wnuk to the most beautiful places of the southern Caribbean. In the beginning you will be faced with a challenging blow against the wind. Over more than 300 miles you cross against the wind towards paradise with the 60-foot expedition sailor MARLIN. For this shot you should already be seaworthy and have no problem with diagonal sailing. The reward is gigantic. You sail with us to the most beautiful places of the Caribbean, as only the real blue water sailors do.

Nike born on 6.3.81 in Lübeck is already a bit famous. A few years ago she set off, bought a somewhat outdated aluminium ship “KARL” and since then sails often alone, sometimes with crew through the Caribbean and now into the Pacific. Nike films herself and the world that surrounds her with her eyes, her own charm and her own views. She publishes her episodes on her YouTube channel, earning a living and the money to sail on. Nike and Michael became sailing friends in Cuba in 2016. At the beginning of 2017 Nike sailed the MARLIN for the first time in Flensburg. The idea for a trip together was born and finally it’s time. Nike sails the MARLIN as skipper from Curacao over the uninhabited Las Aves Islands to the Los Roques Archipelago, the paradise of the southern Caribbean. Owner Michael is also there and takes care of the most important things when sailing: The food. As the saying goes: The cook is the captain. So you don’t just have an excellent skipper on board. In addition a real captain.

Nike has something to say and with sailing charm. To sail once with Nike is certainly a special experience, because every sailing day is a special sailing day. On this trip the visit of the small uninhabited island Klein Curacao is on the plan after the anchorauf maneuver. Here we moor overnight at a Mouring and make our first shore leave. We should be surprised if there is only a cloud in the sky when we explore the island. The water is crystal clear and warm and invites to snorkel. With the SUP you can experience the shore area or let one of our kites climb into the sky on the beach. Arriving is on the plan.

The next day is all about sailing. Since we don’t want to lose any time on the Roques, we start early, hoist the sails and the east wind puts MARLIN on its side. At the southern tip we pass the island of Bonaire in the coming starry night. Every mile against the wind makes the sailor’s heart beat faster, the bow of MARLIN cuts through the waves and we all become aware of the curse of the Caribbean. How did the old seafarers do it? Soon the first palm heads of the Islas de Aves Sotavento appear on the horizon and finally the anchor falls in the white coral ground. The Youtube drone video shows most impressively what awaits us here. How long we stay at this divine place is not predictable. It is you who decide that. But also the weather and other circumstances. The next destination are the Las Roques Islands, where we will spend every free minute. Nike and Michael speak Spanish fluently, which will make life on the islands much easier. The guests decide as far as possible how to proceed…

We just working on this passage. Please come back soon to get more informations about this trip.

No way to complain. With * marked comfort package you get everything included for just plus 995,- Euro a week

  • Double cabin with single beds included
  • Double cabin with double bed included
  • Bed linen and towels included
  • Skipper / kite guide included*
  • Expedition support and guide included*
  • Kite Spot information included
  • Sightseeings / organization of activities included*
  • Monitoring and consulting included
  • Cook / Service included*
  • Breakfast and hot dinner aboard included*
  • Snacks, Fruits and Soft drinks included*
  • Yacht Insurance included
  • Cleaning Service included*
  • Alcoholic beverages included*
  • WI-FI internet included*
  • SUP boards included*
  • Snorkeling equipment included*
  • Spearfishing included*
  • Gamefishing included*
  • GoPro Picture included*
  • DRONE Picture included*
  • Port Fees and Water included*
  • Yacht and Motor boat Fuel included*
  • Tourist and Local Taxes included
  • Kite Gear rental included*
  • Kite Lessons included*


You will be on board for 12 days and will bring you 400 nautical miles behind you.

  • 25.08.19 Check-in on board Curracao, Spanish Waters. First Dinner on Board.
  • 26.08.19 Safety briefing, getting to know the ship
  • 27.09.19 Departure and Stop Over at Little Curracao
  • 29.05.19 Departure to Las Aves and Los Roques
  • 01.09.19 Arriving Los Roques 08.05.19 Arrival Grenada
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Only 4 seats Available!

Safety 1st

What is really important Sailing is not sailing and the price of a trip should not be the main criterion when choosing the right boat. For us, the safety of our sailors is the highest law on board. Accordingly, we have equipped the MARLIN. Those who save on safety equipment are not at odds with their fellow sailors. Our ship has been approved by the Berufsgenossenschaft See and has the coveted Class A Ship Safety Certificate for worldwide travel. Ask other providers afterwards. Construction The solid aluminum...

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