Sailing for passion. Atlantic crossing West - East 2020

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Sailing for passion. Atlantic crossing West – East 2020

As you can see, it goes in four steps, the English call it Legs, through the Caribbean Sea from Cuba via Jamaica to the Dominican Republic and to St. Martin. For this sporty trip of a good 1,000 miles with skipper Stefan, you have to be absolutely seaworthy. Nothing for beginners. You’ll tell your grandchildren about this trip. Arrived on St. Martin, it is already a delight to meet Rene. St. Martin: A good place to do some repairs, to stock up for the next trip. This is the center of the Caribbean yacht industry. You can easily get to St. Martin by plane from Europe. There is not so much to see on St. Martin. There, one is around on a weekend. With Rene as guide it’s a real fun. It’s 850 miles from St. Martin to Bermuda. What’s the three weeks for? Either you have to wait a few days for favorable winds or you can be in Bermuda for a week. The Bermudians are extremely relaxed and I have rarely visited an island that is so special. Climate, culture, country and people. Just fits. If you have just been there.

There. “Anchor up.” At last we’re off. The schapps are full, so are the diesel tanks, with duty-free fuel. Even if there is a lull, we would make it to the Azores with the current and under engine. 1,789 miles lie ahead of us. The logical way. First of all we continue north to get favourable winds from the west. After the first night at sea, the excitement subsides, the transat bladder lies over our ship. Softly the wind pushes the mast to the side, heeling the ship. What a great feeling. Anyone who has once succumbed to the thrill of an Atlantic crossing wants it again and again. It’s like a drug. A monohull is the better ship for the Transat. You trust the ship after only a few hours, after your first night at sea. You can tell when the wind is too strong or too weak by the angle of the mast. Not two hulls are fighting against different waves and the movements are abrupt, like the catamaran place monsters, which are in the majority at the anchorages of the Caribbean. Here on the West-East Transat, ships are underway and you are there…


You will be on board for 19 days and will bring you 600 nautical miles behind you.

  • 14.02.20 Check-in on board Cayo Largo. First Dinner on Board.
  • 22.12.19 Safety briefing, getting to know the ship.
  • 02.01.19 Arrival Exuma St. George Town


You will be on board for 19 days and will bring you 600 nautical miles behind you.


You will be on board for 19 days and will bring you 600 nautical miles behind you.

Safety 1st

What is really important Sailing aboard SY MARLIN is not like sailing on other ships. The price of a trip should not be the main criterion when choosing the right boat. For us, the safety of our sailors is the highest law on board. Accordingly, we have equipped the MARLIN. Those who save on safety equipment are not at odds with their fellow sailors. Our ship has been approved by the Berufsgenossenschaft See and has the coveted Class A Ship Safety Certificate for worldwide travel. Not many boats meet the same high safety quality...

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