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600 Miles Sail Expedition

Sint Maarten over the Los Roques to Curacao ABC Islands

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Only 3 seats Available!

Ocean Sailing – What is it? In contrast to the holiday cruises along the coast, from island to island, every evening at anchor we offer high sea sailing with the MARLIN, which is about bridging long distances with pure wind power. At the end of June MARLIN will be in Curacao to be prepared for further adventures. From Sint Maarten we start with the Trade Winds astern, i.e. from behind, in order to enjoy this stretch sailing through the middle of the Caribbean Sea.

For the one sailor this trip is the opportunity to bring necessary miles of experience with Michael Wnuk as skipper into his milebook. For the other sailor this trip is a good way to verify his dream of sailing in blue water. “Anchor up,” it says and MARLIN sails off in the direction of sunset. Sint Maarten lies fast behind us and the sun disappears likewise in the sea directly before our nose. Suddenly we are alone and the wonderful sounds of gurgling wake water fill our first evening on board. The first stars appear in the sky. It is a new moon. The sea of lights of the infinite Milky Way opens above us. In the water microorganisms, jellyfish sparkle and everything shines phosphorescent, flashes in the meantime. You don’t know which spectacle you should pay the most attention to.

After three nights at sea, at dusk in the morning, the mountain top of the island Gran Roques appears, our first destination with solid ground on this trip. The Los Roques are part of a protected archipelago of over 300 islands. After some paperwork with the Port Captain and several other places we have the permission to stay two weeks in the archipelago. Still in Sint Maarten we stocked up well with food and drinks. This is also necessary. Because the Roques belong to Venezuela, are considered absolutely safe, but there is little to nothing to buy here except beer.

There are dozens of wonderful anchorages where you could stay for months. We limit ourselves to a small part, called the one that is not listed in any map. Saki Saki is on the plan for this season. Here the best kiters of the world cavort, because the Roques have the reputation to be the best and most beautiful spot at this time of the year.

But even with less wind we will all have a lot of fun. The water is almost warmer than the air and on the paddleboard you can drift across the lagoon. However, you will come to the best snorkel and dive sites with the fishermen, who will be happy about a few dollars. From the fishermen we also get the fresh fish for the evening barbecue. In short. A complete success awaits you at a place that no cruise ship or package holidaymaker will reach. Be there. An unforgettable adventure awaits you.

At some point this dream time will come to an end. Further 100 miles wait for us, which we sail with the cool wind of the night. We pass further destinations. The Aves, untouched nature. Bonaire, known best diving area. Finally we reach our destination Curacao.

On this trip you will cover about 600 nautical miles and bring them to your mileage book.

Catch of the day on the way to Los Roques
Kitesurfing on the Roques
Let's sail into the sun.

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You will be on board for 19 days and will bring you 600 nautical miles behind you.

  • 01.06.19 Check-in on board Sint Maarten. First Dinner on Board.
  • 02.06.19 Safety briefing, getting to know the ship
  • 19.05.19 Curacao 19.06.19 Arrival Curacao
2400.00 €
1990.00 €

Only 3 seats Available!

Safety 1st

What is really important Sailing aboard SY MARLIN is not like sailing on other ships. The price of a trip should not be the main criterion when choosing the right boat. For us, the safety of our sailors is the highest law on board. Accordingly, we have equipped the MARLIN. Those who save on safety equipment are not at odds with their fellow sailors. Our ship has been approved by the Berufsgenossenschaft See and has the coveted Class A Ship Safety Certificate for worldwide travel. Not many boats meet the same high safety quality...

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