Dear MARLIN, dear Michael, Thank you for the unforgettable days on the MARLIN in the safe care of the skipper. Micha asked me if I’ve ever written in the guestbook. So far, I couldn’t have, because I was never a guest on the MARLIN. That has changed. I was sailing for the first time and on top of that with a lot of wind.The MARLIN was a safe home, I felt comfortable and am hoping for a soon reunion.

Micha translated the unknown sailing terms for me, so I felt like part of the crew. My co-sailors have also taken me under their wing, thanks for that. The efforts of the skipper to keep our body and soul together should not stay unmentioned. Yummy. Yummy. Yummy… A very nice greeting from the Spreewald by Dorit PS: To all non-sailors, a MARLIN trip is an unforgettable experience; you will be in experienced hands and on a safe boat, go for it!