Dr. Axel Versen

The “Marlin” is a rock-solid and at the same time very sportive sailing vessel, which also gives a feeling of great safety to inland yachtsmen. The deckhouse construction, which provides all-round visibility in a sheltered setting, is pleasant, as is the large living room below deck with the well-equipped galley. It is a paradise for passionate cooks. The independence of the ship with its own water treatment plant, heating and generator is a nice luxury, which one enjoys even if the trip is a short one. The ship is owner-managed in excellent condition, everything works and the safety equipment is uncompromisingly perfect. The boat is also equipped with many toys as stand-up paddle boards for quieter hours. We had the pleasure of traveling with both skippers who regularly run the ship.

Michael’s experience as a sailor is just immense, and he enjoys giving his knowledge to his crew without imposing himself. For people like me, who do not have much sailing experience, it’s like a jackpot. I learned a lot concerning sailing, he seamanship and also ship technology and navigation. Whatever he teaches you, you will be able to try out independently, because Michael has relaxed confidence in his team. In his free time, he writes his blog and much better – disappears into his kitchen and creates something delicious, starting with the asparagus tomato breakfast omelet and ending with a cozy dinner. Even sceptic people can appreciate the magic of Asian cuisine with him! Like this the fun of the sailing day doesn’t finish after dropping the anchor. With Jan Hupasch he has made an excellent choice as Buddy Skipper. Despite his young years, he is a very good sailor, free from youthful carelessness at sea, knows the ship through and through and is simply a pleasant, always well-tempered mate. Michael and Jan! Thank you for a great trip!