I found Micha and his MARLIN by chance. Fortunately such is life, as sometimes you just get exactly what you were looking for without even knowing, in this case getting to know the beautiful red boat and her skipper. After many years, I was finally having the experience to be on anchor again, see the wide sea and enjoy the incomparable atmosphere of being together on a boat. Micha makes it easy for you. As a relaxed host and great chef, he has welcomed us from the first moment in his home.

Travelling with this ship is a dream: no matter if sailing close-hauled when she just glides calm through the water, the 100 sqm main looking good in the light of the sunshine or being anchored, with the SUP boards inflated to explore the bay or the dinghy ready to jet around to have fun. Micha left us to do, what we wished from the beginning and guided us with his calm way – if to many questions came, he sometimes lovingly ignored it. This ship is pure luxury! You have everything on board, which cruisers could wish for: starting with the water maker to generator and sufficient battery capacity bringing that total self-sufficiency without sacrificing comfort. It’s without question the best equipped boat, I’ve ever been to. I’ve been sailing with MARLIN twice now and I hope to see her again often.
Love, Nicole