A reunion in quiet waters I already knew the marlin. And also the Iron Lady. By chance even the skipper, who sometimes shows the same stubbornness as his big sister. Right, I’m the sister. My last memory of the MARLIN was anything, but beautiful. Sea sick from the first moment untill the last due to the swell in the Caribbean and to a trip on open seas for several days. That was the end of my sailing career. I thought. But sometimes things change. 5 years later I received a call: Are you flexible? We are taking going to do a tranfer trip with MARLIN and we have a free berth! And then Micha started to pitch it to me. Great weather forecast, Baltic Sea is virtually free of waves, we always see land, etc. For a good reason I had a great desire to spend a lot of time with my brother. And it was just great! The weather was really great, the marlin was again very impressive, all professional, always a great feeling of security and a crew that just had fun sailing! Beautiful sunsets, feasting until late in the evening, good mood with lots of music and just relaxing …. We were anchored almost every night, every bay was our private anchor bay, a small round trip by boat, island explorations or backgammon battles … Too bad the week passed so rapidly. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the next opportunity with MARLIN and Micha! Greetings from the Lower Rhine Susanne