The Swiss crew

The Swiss crew David and his girlfriend Stefanie inspired us to go sailing. The two built a REINKE sailing yacht planning to live aboard later on and to offer charter trips. In beautiful weather we arrived on May 26th in the evening in Copenhagen at the . Majestically she lies in the harbor between the modern opera house and the royal castle. From the experienced ship owner and skipper Michael we were welcomed friendly and directly got a small sailing training with the emphasis on safety on the sailing yacht the next morning. We were very impressed by the great knowledge of our skipper. After a big provisioning shopping, we finally started. The destination was the Swedish archipelago, maybe even as far as Gotland. However, it quickly became clear that the wind was in the driver’s seat and would largely determine our holiday on the Baltic Sea.

Our schedule was to arrive in Warnemünde in time on June 8, where Michael was involved in a blue water seminar with . We had all kinds of weather, but mostly it was quite chilly. We enjoyed the beautiful nature in the small bays of the Swedish archipelago and on Bornholm. We practiced sailing in the calm waters or in stormy weather, learned essentials of the skipper’s experience, experienced light seasickness, enjoyed the sauna in the small harbor Hasle on Bornholm and afterwards the bath in the cold sea. Sailing together is beautiful, being together in the group was very harmonious. Food and a fine wine was important to everybody and was enjoyed accordingly. We were spoiled by Thomas and Michael – the two best cooks in the northern hemisphere. The highlight of our sailing trip was the overnight sailing: In the twilight we ran from the harbor Hasle on Bornholm heading south, enjoying the calm sea with enough wind, the starry sky, the peace, the sunrise and to be sail the beautiful through these waters. Dear Michael, we thank you for the great time on the. We were allowed to learn a lot from you, it was a good experience!